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A friend, who shall remain nameless, works for Amazon. She was sent by Amazon to the doctor. The doctor quarantined her. She sent the appropriate paperwork to Amazon.

First, of course they would pay her, they said in her phone calls, for the period of her quarantine.

Then, of course they weren’t going to pay her, they said in the next three phone calls, for hours she never worked.

In the next 7 phone calls, her concerns were “elevated.” She was assigned several different “case managers.” They were all going to call her within 24 hours. None of them did.

Finally, my friend contacted her latest case manager’s supervisor. The supervisor couldn’t imagine why she wasn’t being paid, and she said her case manager would call her right away.

Finally, my nameless friend, whose income keeps our house from poverty, got a call from the mysterious case manager. She said she would see to it she got paid immediately. Which meant tomorrow… or, if it didn’t get processed, she would be paid within 3 days.

That was a week ago. Today we learned the case manager hasn’t “released” the money. We’re borrowing money all over hell right now so we can eat.

I had originally published this publicly on my Facebook page, but the nameless person in this story asked me to remove it; she fears for her job if it stays.

This is a long way around a simple point: Amazon sucks.