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I wonder if you understand the effect you can have on someone simply by clicking “Like” or commenting on a post. It is, for me, the equivalent of saying hi when we pass in the hallway. Commenting is like having taken a moment to talk to me.

When I was in high school, I would have floated from class to class if some of my classmates had just said, “Hey, Fred.” 40 years ago, however, we occupied entirely different social classes. I was a Greatest Nothing among The Coconino Nothings. Many of them were the Cool Kids. They were attractive. They were talented. They were athletic. I was none of those things.

Today, that caste system has evaporated. I have friends, now, who simply weren’t allowed even to acknowledge my existence, then. It would have been a violation of etiquette.

If they take a moment to say, “Hey, Fred,” even now, I am delighted. It’s a power they have. I would like to believe I’m someone who has that same power for them. I hope they get a little smile when I click “Like,” or when I comment on something they’ve posted.

It’s a way of saying, at least in a small way, “You matter to me.”

Yes, if you’re reading this, you may be sure you matter to me. Thanks for letting me inside your mind and getting beyond the social norms that would once have separated us. I’m grateful.

Today might be a good day for you to let your friends know that they matter to you. Perhaps you could make a point of clicking “Like” or making a kind comment when you’re on your Social Media today. You might make someone smile. That can be your Good Deed for The Day. And if this post got you to do that, I’ve done mine for the day, too.