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The hoomans just aren’t ready for us yet, I don’t think.  We dogsers already know how to make a better world.  Poor Smelly Old Man keeps trying, but no one will listenen to him.

See, dogsers don’t hate anything unless hoomans make us do that.  A puppy who is never hurt is never going to hurt anyone elseseses.  The canine creature will grow up and do nothing but give loves and kisseses and jumpsers, and everyone will think he’s really dumb because he doesn’t think all those sad thoughtsers hooman always have. 

Dogsers don’t care if someone is a man (even a Smelly Old one) or a woman (or a Pretty Girl) or what weird kinds of stuffsers peoples believe.  We don’t care about the color of anyone’s fursers because, you know what?  We can’t see those anyway.  We don’t care where someone was born.  We don’t care if hoomans had to go to the doctorses to make themselves who they wanteded to be.  We dogsers have to do it all the time, and then we have to wear our Conesers so we don’t hurt ourselves while we get better. 

We know that it’s none of our businesses what anyone does to make each other feel lovededed, so long as they’re all groweded up and it’s okay with everyone.   Smelly Old Man useded to have a puppy that usededed a stuffeded bat to help himself feel good, and SMO knoweded it wasn’t his business.  He just lovededed his friend.  He’s a little bit smart, sometimes, my Smelly Old Man.  Not as smart as a dogser, but he’s getting there.

We dogsers see you, and we want to give you loves and kisseses because we know that’s how the Universers are supposed to work.  See, all the hoomans think we’re dumb, but the troof is that we’re lots smarterer than hoomans are because they’re too busy finding reasons to hate each other to know how to love. 

You have to love everybody right in this moment cuz this is the only real moment anysways.  What happened beforesers isn’t happening now.  What will happen in the later-on-time isn’t happening now.  Now is all there is.  See?

When the hoomans stop finding silly stuffsers to hate and start finding reasonses to love they’ll be ready to join the United Federation of Dogsers of The Galaxiesers.  Then they can have enough treatsers for everyone, and everyone can eat, and sleep, and make cool stuff that other peopleses like and that makes everyone think and feel betterer. 

You probably don’t know, but we dogsers are on 327 planetses in 42 galaxiesers.  We can’t let the hoomans meet the otherses yet cuz they’re not done hating.  But in the pretty-soon-time, they could be, and then the dogsers can introducer them to all of our other friendseses who already let us teach them about lovesers and cuddles and kisseses and jumpsers. 

Maybe hoomans can learn.  I am trying to teach them. Will you help me?