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Smelly Old Man is having a Sad. 

He mostly doesn’t have those any more times because he is always too busy doing his worksers.  He puts the thingsers on his ears, and he makes the fireses come out of the little thingy, and he puts the weird thing to his mouth, and then he puts his pawsers on the thing on the desk and he floats away to a whole different place.

Sometimes, if he does it for the long enough time, I can even see through him, which is pretty weird, but it’s when I know he is safe.  I know he doesn’t need me because he’s inside of himself on his way to a different universerers.  When he’s there, he knows what to do even though he doesn’t know he knows it.  He’s lost, but he’s happiest when he doesn’t know where he is as long as he’s not here.

Smelly Old Man doesn’t understand how to be with the other hoomans.  I think that’s why he has me.  When we’re together, he just gives loves and cuddles and kisseses and I can feel his heart slowing down and his soul is at peace.  His favoritest part is when, after we have our foodsers in bed, I get under the covers, and I get behind the part where his knees are bendeded, and then I lay there pressed up against him.  I can feel his blood flow nice and easy.  It’s like he is petting my head.  It feelses so good for both of us!

Today, he sitteded down at the desk, and he stayed all solid.  He put the thingsers on his ears, and he made the fireses come out and he put his pawsers on the thing on the desk, but he stayed all solid. 

Because I’m a dogser, I knoweded exactly what to do.  I jumpeded up onto his lapser, and I giveded him three kisseses, and then I just laid down and kept his legs warm.  When I first getted up there, I could feel all the volcanoes and hurricanes in his soul, but after a few minutes, they became all calm and quiet.  Then I sitteded up and put my head on his heart, and then the things on his ears said about how they sent him away to teach him how to be sensible, logical, oh responsible, practical.  And then he knoweded that everything was going to be okay.  He understood that all we need is Love. 

When he knoweded that, I laid down again, and I went with him when he stopped being solid and we went on a little walkser in universerers no one else has been to but Smelly Old Man and his Best Good Boy.  When we’re there, I don’t need the evil leasher because he knows I’m safe.  No cars can crash into us.  No peoples can get us. 

And that’s why the dogsers came to Earth.  We help you to see other universerers.