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Smelly Old Man telleded about our problems in his show, and he letteded me tell my side, so I hope you getteded to hear it. 

He’s scared of me now.  And when he gets scared, I get scared, and then we’re both afraid it will happen again.  That’s not the relationship we want… neither of us.

Sometimes when he dropses something, I decide it must be mine, and if he trieseses to take it, I will make growlers at him.  I’m warning him that it’s mine, and he better let me have it.  Then, sometimes he does, but now he’s started yelling at me and telling me I’m not is a Good Boy when I growl.  I thinkededed that meant I might go back to the place where the other dogsers are, and I don’t want to go there any more timesers.  Nobody giveseses loves or cuddleses, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do without those. 

But then things changededed in a sad way.  He was talking to Pretty Girl on the phone, and then he just getteded quiet.  He said, “Okay” a couple of times, and then he sitteded in my chair where I usually sit when he does his worksers.  He didn’t look at anything.  His eyesers were open, but I could tell he didn’t see anything.   And then he just didn’t move.  Not even a little bit.

I lookeded up at him, and I tilteded my head, but he wasn’t there.  He was in some other place a long ways away from me… away from our little cave… He was… I think he was in a little room in someone else’ses house.  He was sad he couldn’t come back. 

Finally, when he had been gone for the long time, I jumpeded in his lap, and I gave him kisseses on his nose.  He saw me then, and he putteded his arms around me and he said about how he didn’t want to tell me goodbye ever ever ever.  I could tell he wasn’t allowed to have me in that little room in someone else’ses house, and I could see he was having the Biggestest Sad he had had since I have knoweded him.   

That was when I knoweded he finded out that we didn’t get to live here in our Little Cave any more times, and that was what Pretty Girl’s friend was telling about to him on the phone.  We got into the bed together and he holded me tighterer than he ever did before, but I let him because I knoweded he neededed to. 

It wasn’t until the next night that he felt like he could talk again.  Pretty Girl told him he could stay but he neededed to pay more of that money stuffsers that hoomans use all the timesers.  I hope we can get some.

We have the relationship we both want now, but I don’t know if we get to keep it.  This is The Scary Time.